About Us
Dongguan haoen Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of laboratory test equipment, and has set up various service outlets all over the country. The company has first-class technical and management talents, which makes the company's products always in the leading position in the same industry. Headquartered in Dongguan, which is known as the world factory, is located in convenient transportation and developed manufacturing industry.
Houn company adheres to the management concept of "quality first, service first". Haun takes service as the priority, takes the quality as the basis, provides the first-class service for the target market, makes the customer get the maximum value-added benefit, and establishes a long-term, mutual trust and win-win partnership with the customers. Fast and efficient service can completely relieve the worries of customers.
The main products of the company are:
1、 Environmental climate box: constant temperature and humidity test box, high and low temperature test box, salt spray corrosion test box, cold and heat impact test box, ultraviolet aging test box, rain test box, dust test box, xenon lamp aging test box, constant temperature blast drying box, vacuum drying box, simulated high altitude low pressure test box, etc.
2、 Mechanical equipment: carton compression tester, drop test machine, simulation transport vibration table, peel strength test machine, tensile test machine, retention force tester, initial viscosity tester, etc.
3、 Reliability equipment: key life tester, swing test machine, plug force tester, mobile phone soft press tester, click marking life tester, torque tester, key load curve tester, etc.
4、 Instruments and meters: bagel knife, pencil hardness meter, color difference meter, thickness meter, multimeter, viscometer, water content tester, compressor, circulation motor, temperature and humidity controller, salt spray nozzle, rubber film, eraser, etc.
The products are widely used in scientific research, aviation, military, electronic, electrical, toy, paper, hardware, battery, post and telecommunications and other industries. Relying on its own advantages of talents, technology and capital, the company provides various environmental test equipment and mechanical test equipment and mechanical test equipment in accordance with GB, GJB, IEC, mil, DIN and other standards for scientific research, electric, electronic, military, aviation, ship, post and telecommunications, automobile, motorcycle and other enterprises and institutions.
Haoen instrument is willing to work with you to win-win results and achieve the future!


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