Constant temperature and humidity box
Temperature humidity test chamber
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Temperature humidity test chamber
Model: HE-WS-100C9
Product Information
Product Description
1. Use 
Temperature humidity test chamber
known as environmental testing machine, tests the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials and other factories.

Meet the standards
GB/T2423.1-2008(IEC60068-2-1:2007) low temperature test method Ab
GB/T2423.2-2008(IEC60068-2-2:2007) high temperature test method Bb
GJB150.4-1986   low temperature test
GJB150.3-1986   high temperature test
GB/T2423.3-2006(IEC60068-2-78:2007) constant humidity hot test method Cab
GB/T2423.4-2008(IEC60068-2-30:2005) alternating hot and humidity test method Db
GJB150.9-1986   hot and humidity test
(Per cubic meter the load is not more than 35 kg/m3 steel heat capacity, no humidity and hot load when hot and humidity test)

 Temperature humidity test chamber technical parameters
1.    Volume, size and weight
1.1.    Volume (100L)
1.2.    Inner box size W(500)mm × H(500)mm × D(400)mm
1.3.    Outer box W(1000)mm × H(1580)mm × D(950)mm
1.4.    Weight 200KG
1.5.    Power AC 220V 50HZ 5.5KW
2.    Performance
2.1.    Test environment conditions Environment temperature +5~+28℃, relative humidity≤85%, under the condition of no sample in the chamber
2.2.    Standards
GB/T 5170.2-2008 Temperature testing equipment
GB/T 5170.5-2008 Hot and humidity test equipment
IEC60068-2, GJB150.9-1986, GJB150.4-1986, etc.
2.3.    Temperature range -40℃~+150℃
2.4.    Control precision Temperature:±0.2℃   Humidity:±2.5%
2.5.    Temperature fluctuation ≤0.5℃
2.6.    Temperature error ≤±1℃
2.7.    Temperature uniformity ≤2.0℃
2.8.    Heating rate 3℃/min(nonlinear and no-load)
2.9.    Cooling rate 0.75~1.2℃/Min(nonlinear and no-load)
2.10. Humidity range (20~98)%RH
(prolonged humidity testing at temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees will cause the evaporator to freeze! If the customer often makes low humidity temperature point, please explain in advance before ordering.)
2.11. Relative humidity error ±2.5%RH


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